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International Conference
Life Cycle Analysis 2019
ACV for Global Competitiveness

JULY 15-20, Cartago, Costa Rica

CILCA2019 – ACV for Global Competitiveness

Extended Date 

September 1st

Submit a short video that present a research finding or a research project to the general public.

The VIII International Life Cycle Analysis Conference in Latin America, CILCA 2019, seeks to promote life cycle thinking and its applications as necessary tools for the achievement of sustainable development conditions in business, academic, administrative and behavioral activity. the consumers.


CILCA is a biannual event that takes place in different countries of Latin America and brings together experts and stakeholders from around the world. The first CILCA conference was held in 2005, precisely in San José, Costa Rica and from there it has followed a successful trip that includes Sao Paulo (Brazil) in 2007, Pucón (Chile) in 2009, Coatzacoalcos (Mexico) in in 2011, Mendoza (Argentina) in 2013, Lima (Peru) in 2015 and Medellín (Colombia) in 2017, scheduled to return again to Costa Rica for July 2019.


Reception of abstracts for papers / posters: closed

Approval of abstracts : closed

Submission FULL PAPER: closed

Communication acceptance  full paper for Oral Presentation / posters:


Reception PPTs and POSTERS: June 30th and July 8th, respectively 

LANGUAGES FOR PAPERS: English, Spanish or  Portuguese

Speakers - (In Process)

Important Dates

Submit abstracts for poster/sessions:  Closed

Abstract approval: Closed

FULL PAPER by: Closed

Full paper approval for ORAL PRESENTATION: Closed

Reception PPTs and POSTERS: June 30th and July 8th, respectively 

Languages ​​to present paper:  English and Spanish or Portuguese



Plenaries, scientific sessions and workshops

Over 150 Speakers
12 Themes
11 Multi Disciplined
Representing over
20 countries
Local Organizer - Costa Rica

With the support of participants of

Red Nacional de ACV de Costa Rica,

 in process of being established.

International Organizer